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Denodo Platform for Azure Support

Denodo is committed to helping you succeed with the Denodo Platform through our comprehensive network of technical support and services.

Denodo Platform for Azure Premium Support is available for all subscribers. To access this service, you must first register. After you have signed-up, you will have access to the Denodo Support Site where you can get web-based support, software updates and DenodoConnects which will improve your data virtualization experience. Denodo version upgrades are not included as upgrades require migration between Azure instances.

Denodo web-based support may be subject to reduced availability for hourly based subscriptions. You can always post your question directly on the Q&A section, a moderated forum on our Community Site, where data virtualization professionals and enthusiasts will assist you. Our community is knowledgeable and tenacious and there's no question without a valid answer. Technical resources such as product documentation, Knowledge Base articles, step-by-step tutorials, and how-to videos are also available.

As a Denodo Platform for Azure customer you have the option to upgrade from the included Premium Support to a higher level of support. Support level upgrades can be requested directly to Denodo. Please contact to get more information.

Onboard Training for Marketplace Users

As a valued customer, after you sign-up for a new paid subscription, you are entitled to a series of three onboard training courses to help you get started quickly. These courses will be available once you complete the support registration and we will be sending you the training codes and instructions to get started.

You will have access to the following three courses.

  1. Data Virtualization EssentialsThis course is aimed to those who don't have previous experience with data virtualization. It provides you with concepts, terminology and skills needed before starting any data virtualization project.
  2. Data Virtualization Developer (Introduction)This course provides data developers with data virtualization concepts, terminology and skills needed to develop their first Denodo data virtualization project.
  3. Data Virtualization for Business UsersThis course provides data consumers with data virtualization concepts and skills needed to self-service data and connect other applications, for example BI tools, to Denodo Platform.

Customer will use commercially reasonable efforts to resolve issues before escalating them to Denodo. Denodo will make a commercially reasonable effort to provide support to customer and reserves the right to refuse providing Maintenance and Support Services for customers who do not reach a minimum commercially reasonable level of monthly usage of any of the Denodo Platform for Azure products.

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